Your plastic waste is precious

Precious Plastic Plymouth and Tavistock is a low-tech, artisan plastic recycling project

Our vision is of a world where creative energy drives environmental change.
Our mission is to provide a tool for local recycling and creative engagement to empower the community to live sustainably. We take waste plastic, shred it and re-mould it, using a small injection moulder.

Currently we can make soap dishes, plant pots and buttons. It is engaging, creative, demonstrates how simple recycling plastic can be and opens up conversations around responsible use of plastic.

Local recycling

Keeping recycling and manufacturing local cuts our emissions from the transportation of waste and goods, as well as stimulating the local economy.

Reduce plastic use

Many plastic items are used for only a few minutes but last for hundreds of years. By recycling and reusing existing waste plastic into useful products we reduce the need for new plastic.

Simple process

We recycle and repurpose plastic by shredding, heating, and remoulding it into new and useful designer objects.


We are developing zero carbon machines! By collaborating with the University of Plymouth, we have created a pedal shredder and hope to produce a solar powered injection moulder soon.

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