Christmas Market at Plymouth Aquarium

In November 2023, Precious Plastics Plymouth was invited to the Plymouth Aquarium Christmas Market.

We set up a stall In the aquarium to sell our products and to let the public try our equipment. The pedal shredder and injection moulder. For this event Nook plants had kindly donated some of their small plants to be displayed in our plant pots, a nice addition to our stall. 

For this event we had a specially designed new range.This consisted of sea creature themed keyrings and earrings which were a really success.

We are very greatful for the generosity of Nook Plants, our stall bloomed with vibrant greenery, adding an extra touch of natural beauty to our showcase. We also extend our gratitude to Plymouth Aquarium for opening their doors to us and allowing our creativity to flourish amidst the festive cheer!